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Enabling Critical Habitats To Exist As Wilderness Forever

Our Vision

It is known that the single most critical driver for biodiversity decline is habitat loss; hence we aim to enable critical habitats to exist as wilderness forever. We will prioritize saving areas in the Philippines, where endangered species make their last stand.

Preservation & Enhancement

To initiate and promote the preservation and enhancement of wildlife habitats of endangered flora and fauna in the Philippines.

Natural History Education

To cause or aid in the creation of natural history education materials and venues.


To direct priority research on Philippine endemic species with a focus on those on the brink of extinction and those that are Data Deficient.

 “Brazil, often referred to as the “storehouse of biological diversity,” has about 725 unique species, about two-thirds more than the Philippines—but Brazil is 28 times larger. Madagascar, which is famous for its biological diversity, has fewer species of unique mammals than the Philippines (about 90 versus 111), despite the fact that Madagascar has twice the land area of the Philippines”

“In fact, as a gauge of biological diversity, it is reasonable to think of the Philippines as the Galapagos Islands multiplied tenfold”

- Lawrence R. Heaney --- Vanishing Treasures of the Philippine Rain Forest

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